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About Us

The Heron Group of Companies

The Heron Group of Companies is recognized as a leader in the industries in which the company invests and our success comes from a disciplined approach to opportunities. The Heron Group of Companies encompasses two distinct divisions. Both Heron Development Group and Heron Capital are leaders in their fields, and represent the finest firms that serve their marketplaces.

Beginning over 30 years ago in the real estate development and residential building business, Heron has drawn upon its success stories to expand into different industry sectors. The lessons are simple. Heron strives to understand and meet the expectations of the customer; anticipate emerging trends in the targeted marketplace; and pay close attention to deliver a consistent, reliable product and service.

By focusing on our core set of principles, Heron has developed a reputation for identifying opportunities and working diligently and openly with strategic partners, from suppliers to financiers, to help create businesses that are designed to benefit everyone involved. Loyalty is key at all levels of transaction - with financial partners, suppliers, employees and customers. At the hub of solid business practices, where experience, knowledge and commitment meet, Heron is poised to maximize creative business possibilities across North America.

As part of Heron's commitment to long-term growth and financial gain, the firm conducts its operations and fiduciary responsibilities with the utmost transparency and integrity. Heron is dedicated to building companies and business relationships with enduring value, and works hard within chosen industries to develop progressive policies and practices.

It is for this reason that Heron is viewed as a leader. The company's principals understand that overnight success can be fleeting, and that true success comes from a commitment to the long-term, to benefiting everyone involved and to building value.

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